Pearl Cushion

Pearl Cushion
Pear Cushion without cover

The Pearl cushion is an ultra low profile cushion measuring just 3 cm in thickness. The cushion incorporates a unique type of gel that is laminated between two layers of high density, pliable foam. The outer foam layers help to insulate the gel so that it never feels cold to the user.  The Pearl is especially suited for very active users and individuals who prefer to use their feet for propulsion.

The foam is covered in a protective film to prevent ingress of fluid and the outer cover is made from two way stretch, vapour permeable material.  Also available in a waterproof towelling cover.

Risk Level

High Risk

Waterlow Scale


Weight Guide

7 to 20 Stones (45 to 127 kg)

Depth of Cushion

30 mm (1.25 in.)

Weight of Cushion

1 kg / 2 Ib