Q. I have a Liberty mobility scooter. Where can I find the serial number?

A. The serial number is located in several places on the Liberty mobility scooter. The easiest to access is located on the underside of the seat, or the side of the battery box.

Q. My Scooter does not switch on?

A. The usual cause of this problem is a completely flat battery, connect your charger to the charging port, either on the scooter or the battery pack. The lights on the charger should indicate that the battery is being charged.If there is no indication from the charger that the batteries are charging then there is a fault with either the batteries, the charger, or the wiring between them, Please consult your mobility retailer who will be equiped to assist you.

Q. I have a PW1800 power wheelchair, when I turn it on the lights “ripple” from side to side and then go out?

A. The usual cause of this problem is that the controller has accidentally entered “Lock” mode. To release the lock turn the wheelchair on, and press the horn button twice within 10 seconds.

To lock the wheelchair, press and hold the power button for 4 seconds.

Q. The batteries on my scooter have failed…..why?

A. There are many reasons for poor battery performance in mobility products. Actual manufacturing faults are fairly rare, the majority of batteries are simply worn out. This may be through heavy use (the number of charge/recharge cycles that the battery will withstand is dependent upon how deeply discharged the battery is before recharging. Manufacturers specifications are often less than 250 charge/discharge cycles at 80% discharge – less than a year!! ), not charging the battery after use (leaving a battery in a semi-discharged state will significantly increase the rate of sulphation), storing the battery in a cold (or hot) area and so on.

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