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At One Rehab we improve the lives of the elderly and less-mobile through the design, manufacture and supply of high quality and innovative products to the healthcare industry.

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Our range

Mobility Scooters
We manufacture the very best of mobility scooters. With One Rehab scooters you can be assured that whichever one you choose, reliability, quality, comfort and style all come as standard.
Rise & recline chairs
Our chairs combine exceptional comfort and great design. Generous deep-filled luxury cushioning delivers unrivalled levels of support, and the reliable motors allow you to safely stand, recline and relax in comfort.
Walking Aids
Our walking aids are stylish, super light and simple to use. They are available in a wide range of contemporary colours.
Profiling Beds
All of our profiling beds are handcrafted here in Britain to the highest standards of workmanship. Invest in a Royale Reliqua adjustable bed and have the assurance of knowing you have the perfect solution for a comfortable rest - day or night.

New products

Revolve Rotating Chair Bed
Revolve Rotating Chair Bed
Designed to help restore mobility and independence to people who are struggling to transfer to and from bed without assistance.
Duke Rise & Recline Chair
Combining exceptional comfort with contemporary design, the Duke Chair is a true stylish addition to any home environment.
Chair Protectors
Chair Protectors
Our high quality washable chair protectors offer high levels of absorbency, made from 3 layers of material.
Admiral Care
Based on our premium rise and recliner Admiral Chair, but covered with a quality VP waterproof fabric.

Great team of professionals, who add value to the dealer network with their innovative products and commitment to delivering industry leading service and support.

Billy Finnie

I got so down after being diagnosed that I didn’t want to go out or do anything but after getting my scooter it has really changed my life and made my dogs happy again. So a big thankyou to your scooter and company for making a fabulous product and making me want to live again.

M.C. - Gateshead
Scooter user

The good points that came from this, my customer was amazed at how quick the situation was resolved she is in her 80’s and was expecting to have some hassle, reputation still intact thanks to your team, the really quick response from you was excellent customer service and that in turn made my customers experience second to none.


Absolutely brilliant, I don’t know what I would do without it.  I like the fact that I can lie out flat and have a rest and also that it can assist me standing up

Stanley Dickson
Rise & Recline Chair User

Quality & Innovation

One of our four core values is innovation. At One Rehab we are constantly researching and improving our current and future products and lead the way in R&D in our market.

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