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Designed and handcrafted in Britain to the highest standards of craftmanship, our range of electrically adjustable beds offer you the perfect choice of comfort and style.  
With our all-new fabric range, our selection of beds comes with even more choices to customize each bed to your individual style. The contemporary designs allows all the features of a medical grade bed whilst fitting subtly into any bedroom as a home-style bed.
Each of our bespoke designs come with a five-way profiling action as standard, which enables multi positioning for supreme comfort, ensuring they are perfect for all needs.
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Arc Headboard
We offer a wide range of headboard styles to compliment our entire bed range.
Bradshaw in Maitz Silver
Bradshaw Bed
The Bradshaw Bed with its deep divan base and twin-locking castors combines both ease of manoeuvrability and the option of fitted storage drawers.
Royale 3ft
Royale Bed
The Royale Bed is handcrafted with luxuriously padded, integrated sides, head and footboards. Its unique flat-pack base design makes this easy to install.
Bradshaw Drawer
Drawer Options
Available on the Bradshaw Bed Range, drawers are a great way to maximise the storage space beneath your profiling bed.
Cantona 3ft
Cantona Bed
The Cantona Bed is our highly popular leg-base profiling bed. Handcrafted here in Britain using only the finest materials, it offers supreme comfort.
All our mattresses are carefully hand-made to the highest standards, using only the finest materials and are designed to be fully compatible with the demands of a profiling bed.
Cantona Bed Legs
Bed Legs
Designed for the Cantona Profiling Bed, it makes height adjustment quick and easy.
Hi-Low Bed Raiser with Royale base option
Hi-Low Bed Raiser
This features all the benefits of a care bed but without the clinical appearance enabling it to fit seamlessly into any residential location.
Unilift with Cantona raised
Uni-Lift Bed Raiser
The Uni-Lift fits unobtrusively into all residential locations, and allows a mattress to be lowered to a very low height of just 50cm.
Bed Fabric Swatch
Bed Fabrics
Choose the ideal colour from our stunning range of bed fabrics. This option is available on the Bradshaw, Royale and Cantona Profiling Bed Ranges.
Revolve Rotating Chair Bed in Chair Position
Revolve Rotating Chair Bed
COMING SOON This bed has been designed to help restore mobility and independence to people who are struggling to transfer to and from bed without assistance.
Cantona Dual Bed in China Blue Velvet
Cantona Dual Bed
The Cantona Bed is our highly popular leg-base profiling bed, available in dual profiling options.

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