4mph Mobility Scooters
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Globe Trotter Oyster Grey
Globe Trotter Mobility Scooter
This 4mph scooter folds away at a touch of a button, an excellent solution where storage space is limited.
Illusion in Venetian Red
Illusion Mobility Scooter
Our revolutionary ultra-lightweight car transportable scooter comes as standard with an aluminium frame and Lithium Ion battery pack.
Lithium Vantage Mobility Scooter
Our heavy-duty car transportable scooter, now available with lithium batteries. Easily carry the battery box to your desired charging location.
Lithium Vogue in Midnight Purple
Lithium Vogue Mobility Scooter
Our premium specification car transportable 4mph scooter now available with two super-lightweight Lithium battery sizes.
Vantage in Capri Blue
Vantage Mobility Scooter
Offering all the benefits of heavy-duty car transportability and travel range with the additional advantage of excellent comfort levels from the all-round suspension.
Cruise in Capri Blue
Cruise Mobility Scooter
This capable all-rounder offers the benefits of car transportability along with heavy-duty build and travel range.
Vogue Venetian Red
Vogue Mobility Scooter
Our premium specification lightweight car transportable scooter offering exceptional leg room and high comfort levels from all-round suspension.
Liberty in Blue
Liberty Mobility Scooter
A great value, light-weight mobility scooter with excellent leg room.

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