Sapphire Cushion

Sapphire Cushion
Sapphire Cushion without cover

The Sapphire cushion is a soft and extremely comfortable alternative to Latex. It is ideally suited for the elderly and underweight users who require a high degree of comfort over extended periods within a wheelchair or lounge furniture. The foam has antibacterial, antifungal and anti dust mite protection, providing a durable hygienic freshness over the life of the product.

The foam is covered in a protective film to prevent ingress of fluid and the outer cover is made from two way stretch, vapour permeable material.  Also available in a waterproof towelling cover.

Risk Level

Medium Risk

Waterlow Scale


Weight Guide

6 to 16 stones (38 to 102 kg)

Depth of Cushion

100 mm (4 in.)

Weight of Cushion

1 kg / 2 Ib