Little Gem Cushion

Little Gem Cushion
Little Gem Cushion without cover

The Little Gem is a paediatric low profile contoured shape cushion which is sculptured from a single piece of high density foam to provide longevity in use. The design incorporates thigh troughs and a pommel to aid adduction. In addition, hollow tube sections cut across the ischial area help to ventilate heat and moisture and also to provide a multi flexible support surface to minimise shear, assist with postural guidance and counteract anyone who has a tendency to slide forward.

The foam is covered in a protective film to prevent ingress of fluid whilst the outer cover is a two way stretch, vapour permeable material. Also available in a waterproof towelling option.

Risk Level

Low Risk

Waterlow Scale

Up to 10

Weight Guide

Up to 10 stones (64 kg)

Depth of Cushion

45 mm (1.75 in.)

Weight of Cushion

0.5 kg / 1 Ib