Universal Cushion

Universal Cushion
Universal Cushion Without Cover

A reversible 3" Universal cushion suitable for users up to 17 stones and managed High Risk.  It is suitable for general wheelchair or armchair use. The cushion comprises of a dense pliable core for support and a visco elastic layer on the top and bottom to disperse pressure. To add further protection it is encased in a sealed waterproof liner to protect the foam from fluid ingress and staining.  The cushion in totally reversible to eliminate the risk of it being sat upon upside down.  Covered in a two way stretch, vapour permeable cover.  Also available in a waterproof towelling option.

Risk Level

High Risk

Waterlow Scale

Up to 20

Weight Guide

6 to 17 stones (38 to 108 kg)


430 mm (17 in.)


430 mm (17 in.)


89 mm (3.5 in.)

Weight of Cushion

1 kg / 2 Ib