BFM3 Bariatric Modular Mattress

Our bariatric mattress range is designed for prevention of pressure sores for bariatric patients in the Medium to High Risk category.  

Key Features:

  • Risk Level: Medium Risk
  • User Weight: 55 stone (345 kg)
  • Available with foldable arms for expandable bariatric beds
  • Vapour permeable, PU two-way stretch, breathable and waterproof cover
  • Modular upper surface ensures independent pressure response
  • Reinforced side walls provide support and safety


The modular upper surface of the BFM3 Mattress ensures the independent pressure response to the weight of the patient, redistributing the pressure more effectively.  As illustrated in the below image:

The mattress has firm side edges to aid patient transfer. It is covered in a vapour permeable, PU two-way stretch, breathable and waterproof cover.

The mattress is also available with foldable/removable arms which allows the mattress to be used on expandable-width bariatric beds and is also useful when transporting the patients through doorways and in lifts.  Available in a range of sizes. 

This mattress is also available on our rental fleet.

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