Pressure Care Cushions
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Amber Cushion Amber Cushion Without Cover
Amber Cushion
A Medium Risk low profile cushion with a shape that encourages an upright seated position.
Coral Cushion Coral Cushion Without Cover
Coral Cushion
A very light comfortable low profile contoured gel High Risk cushion.
Diamond Cushion Diamond Cushion without cover
Diamond Cushion
A High Risk contoured cushion with an integral pommel, abductor side wedges and thigh troughs.
Emerald cushion Emerald Cushion without cover
Emerald Cushion
A High Risk cushion, the profiled shape is designed to encourage the user to sit into a neutral position.
Flat Coral Flat Coral Cushion Without Cover
Flat Coral Cushion
A High Risk comfortable low profile gel cushion that weighs less than most standard wheelchair cushions.
Jet Cushion Jet Cushion without cover
Jet Cushion
The profiled wave design encourages the user to sit back into the soft, conforming visco. A High Risk Cushion.
Little Gem Cushion Little Gem Cushion without cover
Little Gem Cushion
The Low Risk, low profile contoured shape cushion with thigh troughs and a pommel to aid adduction.
Opal cushion Opal Cushion without cover
Opal Cushion
The profiled design with elevated knees and a lower ischial section encourages the user to rest in a stable seated position. A cushion for High Risk users.
Posture Aid Back Cushion Posture Aid Back Cushion
Posture Aid Back
A lightweight back rest with adjustable thoracic supports designed to improve lateral stability.
Ruby Cushion Ruby Cushion without cover
Ruby Cushion
This is a low profile High Risk cushion with an elevated knee profile and a soft thick visco secured within the ischial section.
Sapphire Cushion Sapphire Cushion without cover
Sapphire Cushion
A soft and extremely comfortable alternative to Latex. A Medium Risk cushion.
Topaz Cushion Topaz Cushion without cover
Topaz Cushion
The two dimensional profile with a pommel and thigh troughs, designed to slightly elevate the knees and cradle the user into a comfortable and stable position. A High Risk cushion.
Universal Cushion Universal Cushion Without Cover
Universal Cushion
A reversible 3" cushion suitable for users up to 17 stones and managed High Risk.